Adult Performance Artists Guild Releases a Statement Regarding MasterCard and Visa’s Decision to No Longer Allow Cardholders to Make Pornhub Charges

The union says it is monitoring the situation, and has reached out to other sites about possible ramifications.

In the wake of MasterCard and Visa no longer allowing their users to make purchases on Pornhub, the Adult Performance Artists Guild (APAG) released a statement explaining their next steps and what repercussions the decision may have for other pay sites.

The ripple effect this may have on online sex workers—all of whom obey the law—has yet to be determined. But with three major credit card companies now preventing cardholders from using their cards on Pornhub, the effects will no doubt be wide-ranging and long-lasting for an industry that has already been hit hard by ever-shifting policies.

Read the full statement below.

The Union is monitoring the decision by Mastercard and Visa to stop processing credit card payments from Pornhub.   The breadth of this decision, and whether it will trickle down to other websites, cam sites or other platforms, and whether it will interfere with broader credit card transactions is yet unknown.  We are in the process of contacting other third party billers and also brainstorming for possible alternatives if there is a ripple effect downstream.  We will continue to post on-going reports as we have more information to share. We have reached out to Mindgeek with questions our community has to learn how this may potentially affect our workers.

This year has been difficult on our workers and businesses as we have struggled through this pandemic.  Emotions are heightened with many facing serious financial struggles. We understand how our members have been impacted through the chaos and would like to offer emotional support at this time.

In Solidarity,

The Board of APAG- Adult Performance Artists Guild

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