Dammit Chris Damned! How Did You Make the NYC Subway (Almost) Sexy?

Is Chris Damned hot enough to get me hard watching these Men.com releases? Yes! Can he make me forget how ludicrous they are? Sadly, no.

Chris Damned, the uncut French stud who is my dream combination of Robbie Williams and Alain Delon, has two new Men.com releases out this week. (My boss rolled his eyes when I asked if I could write about them both because he knows I’m thinking with my dick. But he also knows that’s where my best ideas come from, so he said fine.) And it’s a testament to his hotness that you almost forget how disgusting a NYC subway is.

Sorry, this is another in the Men.com series set on the subway system, where men get completely naked and on that gross floor. And I know it’s a set, OK? But my mind goes to all the subway cars I had to walk past because someone had thrown up on them and I get concerned. Call it Pavlovian. The whole concept—Michael Boston gets stuck in the subway doors and ends up sucking Chris and getting barebacked by passing Kyle Connors—is ludicrous, but jesus these are three hot, horny men. Write this off to the same impulse that makes us jerk off thinking about an ex. I won’t feel good about it later, but I’ll feel great about it right now.


And the other Men.com release is another in the series of women being cheated on by gleefully horny husbands and friends. In this case, Chris is the husband and Jack Hunter and JJ Knight are the friends. I don’t feel great about popping a boner because a woman is living out a great country song, unbeknownst to her, but I’m choosing to focus on the dick and ass and assume that Susan will bounce back with her friends and a glass or three of buttery chardonnay.


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