Mail Sack: Don’t Ever Disobey Daddy

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This story came into our inboxes courtesy of The Naughty Boy. Naughty indeed! Read on

The room was dark except for the light of a few candles set mostly around the door at the opposite end. I sat in the dark, just out of the light, waiting for you. The door finally opens and you walk in, stopping in the middle of the light. You know the rules. You take off your clothes, and I can see the light of the metal around the chastity device I put on you a week ago. Punishment for doing something without permission.

A week earlier I woke up before you. You were lying on your stomach and I could tell by your breathing that you were still sleeping. You were still wearing the wrist and ankle restraints from the night before and I quickly took the rope, and without waking you up, carefully and slowly fastened each restraint to a corner of the bed you hold you firmly in place. Take my tongue and lightly lick the bottom of your ear and then I slide my tongue slowly down your neck to that spot between at the base that makes you go crazy. I start licking hard and wet in circles and I can feel you waking up. You are a little startled you can’t move, and I use my tongue harder and faster on your neck. I lick down the middle of your back to the top of your ass.

I bite your ass while I reach down and grab your balls, holding them firmly in my hand, squeezing softly. I move my tongue down in the crack of your ass, making my way to that hot, tight hole I love to use and abuse. I use my tongue and lick around the hole, being very careful not to touch it, making you try and move it toward my tongue. I slap you hard across the ass and tell you to be still. I reach up and put one of my fingers into your mouth and tell you to suck on it, getting it all wet and covered with spit. Your tongue feels good on my fingers and I just want to shove my hard cock in your mouth and make you suck me until I feed you my cum, but I have other plans…

I take my wet finger out of your mouth and slowly work it into that hot, burning hole. It is so fucking tight on my finger. I can hear your breathing get faster and harder as I move around, feeling you inside, teasing you. I take my finger out and put it back in your mouth so you can taste your ass and get it wet for more. I put another finger in your mouth to get wet. You moan when the two fingers go inside, starting to open you up, getting your tight hole ready for bigger things.

I can hear your breathing get faster and harder as I move around, feeling you inside, teasing you.

I love having my fingers in your ass. It is tight and feels like it is sucking my fingers in. You tighten up and squeeze my fingers with every push as I gently fuck them into you. I move them around, touching the super-sensitive spots inside, massaging your prostate to force more precum out of your dick that I know is hard and oozing.

I take my fingers out and put them into your mouth again for you to lick and clean. I can feel your body move when I tough your sweet hole with that hard object. You know from where I am siting it isn’t my cock. I start moving the tip of it slowly in and out of you, each time going in a little further. The object gets thick and you realize I am using a butt plug on you, working on your hole until you can take it all inside. It takes a few minutes and finally, it gets locked into place when your muscle closed around it.

I get up off the bed and look at you. Black bands around your arms and ankles. Black ropes holding you motionless on the bed. A black plug lodged into that tight fuck hole. I cover a square rubber sheet with a lot of slick lube and then move it under your dick, so every time you move, your hard cock slides across the rubber. I leave the room. Leaving you there stuffed, tied and helpless, not having any idea what comes next.

You hear the door close as I leave the room and feel the plug stretching you and holding you open. Suddenly, the plug starts moving. It starts massaging around the ring of your ass, like a tongue rimming you hard and deep. Inside, the top of it starts moving in small circles, massaging you inside. It sends out short bursts of vibrations across your prostate. I know that all of that together along with your dick being trapped between your body and the wet rubber on the bed. As the rimming plug vibrates and moves, you squirm on the bed, rubbing your cock each time. It won’t take you long to cum. The only problem is that you do not have my permission to cum and you know there will be punishment if you disobey.

Without any warning, the intensity increases. The massaging gets harder and faster, the vibrations deeper, and the need to cum increases. I come back into the room and watch you enjoying the torture. I increase the intensity again and I hear you let out a small yelp. I can tell you are close and I remind you that you do not have permission. You open your mouth to ask permission, and I slap my hand across your face and shove my hard dick in your mouth, to the back of your throat. I can feel you gag a bit on my cock, so I pull it out a bit and shove it in a bit harder and deeper. I hold your face where I want it, where I can fuck your mouth the easiest. I tell you what a good cocksucker you are and how I might reward you by breeding your hole.

I can feel you getting closer and once more, I turn up the intensity to push you over the edge. The moment you feel it, you take my cock a bit deeper into your mouth and I can hear you trying to control your body, to keep yourself from going over the edge. I grab your face tight and let go, letting my dick fill your mouth with cum and making you swallow it all. At the same time, I can see your body jerk and twitch, telling me you have let yourself cum. Without permission.

I take the plug out and I tell you what a bad puppy you are and how disappointed I am that you can’t follow simple directions and need to be taught a lesson. I get a shiny wooden paddle I got just for training you and I rub it gently across that gorgeous ass of yours. Then I lift it and smack you hard across both cheeks. You hold in your whimper, taking your punishment. I smack you three times with the paddle. Each smack leaves a red mark on your ass. A red mark on my territory.

I untie you and turn you over onto your back. And then I take a male chastity cage out of the drawer. I put you soft dick into the device and secure it under your balls and around the shaft. I lock it into place and put the key away in a drawer. You can see it is made of metal and there is a little hole to let you pee, but not anything else. Your punishment will be to not touch your dick until I feel you are ready. The cage will not let you get hard, no matter how horny you get. You will not be able to touch it to stroke or jerk off. And to make sure it is a punishment, I will make sure tease you and do all the things that drive you crazy.

I start my making you sit on your knees on the floor so your can lick my cock, which is grown hard again. While you are sucking, I grab your face and shove the tip of my dick to your throat and let my hot yellow piss flow down your throat. You have no choice but to swallow it. I keep my dick in your mouth, making you suck it until you have swallowed every drop. I pull you up by the hair and tell you to get on the bed, on your hands and knees, with your ass at the edge of the bed. You immediately obey and in seconds, that beautiful fuck hole is ready for whatever I want.

Without saying anything, I shove my entire cock into you hard and fast. I grab your hips so you can’t move away. I pull all the way out of you and then ram it in again even harder. You are so tight and wet and I can feel you sliding up and down my hard shaft, your ass begging to be used, fucked and filled with cum. I pull all the way out again and spread your ass with my hands, and spit into that open hole before filling it again with my cock. I grab you by the hair and push deeper. I want you to feel the pleasure and the pain of my dick abusing your hole. The hole that belongs to me. I pull my cock out and slap your ass hard. You make wine from the pain, your ass still sensitive and sore from the spanking. I start fucking you harder and faster, pulling your hair to hold you in place. I can feel myself getting closer and try to push deeper.

I can see my cock sliding in and out of your hole, each time your ass moves in or out just a little, pushed and pulled by the tightness around my dick. Suddenly I can’t take it any longer and I push as deep as I can and let the cum fill you up. I am still for a minute and then start fucking you again slowly, feeling your ass and my cum on my dick.

I take my dick out of your ass and move around the bed. I grab your face and shove my cock in your mouth, so you can taste all our sex. Like a good boy slave, you lick my cock clean, and I lean down to kiss your mouth. I can taste everything we did.

A while later, you get dressed. I tell you I will not take the cage off until you deserve it…

The room was dark except for the light of a few candles set mostly around the door at the opposite end. I sat in the dark, just out of the light, waiting for you. The door finally opens and you walk in, stopping in the middle of the light. You know the rules. You take off your clothes, and I can see the light of the metal around the chastity device I put on you a week ago. Punishment for doing something without permission.

You turn around so your back is to me and you kneel on the floor, bent slightly forward, presenting your ass to me. You don’t say a word while you wait for my instruction. I just watch you, not saying anything. I can see the little bumps of excitement move across your back. I can hear you breathing with anticipation, waiting for me to do something. I want to grab you and shove you up against the wall, forcing my hard cock into you all at once, making you scream in pain and pleasure, fucking you until I fill you a load of hot cum. But I just watch you and smile, knowing what is about to happen… (to be continued)

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