Falcon Gives a Bold, New Twist to a Classic Musical With ‘Into the Woods’

We're pretty sure this is a fresh take on the Sondheim favorite, featuring an all-male cast and penetrative sex. Ivo van Hove could never!

Falcon’s latest flick, Into the Woods, releases its first scene December 4. But honestly, thanks to the ubiquity of the PBS version of this classic Stephen Sondheim musical, we’re pretty familiar with this material. With a bold, all-male take on the classic fractured fairy tales that originally starred Bernadette Peters, Joanna Gleason, and Chip Zien, we can’t wait to rediscover the magic with this new movie adaptation. (And hopefully it’ll make us forget about the Disney version starring Meryl Streep from a few years ago.)

Check out images from the movie below, featuring what we assume are stars Gabriel Clark, Jeremy London, and Thyle Knoxx performing some of the musical’s most famous songs!

“Our Private World”
“A Very Nice Prince”
“Giants in the Sky”
“No One Is Alone”
“Moments in the Woods”
“I Know Things Now”


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