Jack Mackenroth Tweets Apology to Ex-Boyfriend Dolf Dietrich, Admits He Invented Accusations

Now sober, Mackenroth reveals that he made the baseless allegations against Dietrich while high on crystal meth.

In early May, adult performer Jack Mackenroth took his breakup with fellow porn star Dolf Dietrich public both on Twitter and in an interview with a gay porn blog, detailing allegations of abuse and accusing Dietrich of being a pedophile.

At the time, Dietrich chose to mostly remain silent about the drama, both online and in an interview with The Gay Goods during which he wished nothing but the best for his ex.

Now, Mackenroth has tweeted a lengthy apology listing his “untruths” from that time.

For his part, Dietrich responded by quote tweeting Mackenroth’s statement five minutes later.

Hopefully this puts to rest the ugly stories being told about both men and allow them to move on to healthier lives.

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