John Duff Tells Us What It’s Truly All About in New Single

Is it too late to declare "Hokie Pokie" the song of the summer?

Spin the Bottle got its day in the sun as a retro game for adults—now it’s the Hokie Pokie’s turn.

Literally given a sun-drenched music video, John Duff’s new single isn’t the childhood favorite you probably remember. “Put your whole tongue in, take your whole tongue out,” he sings, smiling suggestively in a Speedo. “Put your hands up on my hips and put this pussy in your mouth.”

Yes, we have a late entry for song of Summer 2020, and it’s about rimming! It’s also undeniably catchy and filled with Instagram grid-worthy bodies, swimsuits, and pool party antics. If you’re also pissed that summer didn’t even say goodbye on her way out the door, enjoy one last outdoor hoorah with Duff—and then go find someone who’ll eat it. Because that’s the least we all deserve this year.

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