Master Comedians Drew Droege and Mitch Silpa Are Making Twitter Safe Again With Video Series Two Old Queens

The combination of wonderment and excitement with which Drew Droege proclaims, "Joyce Bulifant was afraid of pumpkins!" deserves an Emmy Award.

One of the great joys to come out of a very bleak year has been the number of people who, with a combination of talent and unexpected time on their hands, have turned to social media to entertain both audiences and themselves. Sometimes they get Netflix specials because they’re good at lip syncing (Lypsinka is furious somewhere). And sometimes they do nothing more than periodically post outrageously funny 1-minute clips for a very niche audience.

Drew Droege and Mitch Silpa are in the latter group. At least for now—Netflix executives, take some of that money you’re saving by canceling shows created by and starring women and get these guys a special! Their Two Old Queens series finds, well, two old queens gossiping on the phone in the most hilariously stilted, out-dated mode you can imagine. When’s the last time Cat Ballou was a punchline?

Their most recent entry is Halloween-themed, but do yourself a favor and investigate them all. We need to count every blessing this year, and Two Old Queens is a definite blessing.

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