Movie Musical ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’ Announces 2021 Premiere, Releases Trailer

In today’s installment of, “Yes, we are collectively pretending that the wold will continue spinning into 2021,” upcoming movie musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie has released its first trailer. Watch it below.

Scheduled for a February 26, 2021, release—assuming that movie theaters still exist—the splashy new film finds high schooler Jamie learning the difference between a boy in a dress—”Something to be laughed at”—and a drag queen: “A drag queen is something to be feared.”

Starring Max Harwood, Sarah Lancashire, Lauren Patel, Shobna Gulati, Ralph Ineson, Adeel Akhtar, Samuel Bottomley, with Sharon Horgan and Richard E. Grant, the movie is adapted from the long-running West End musical, itself based on the 2011 documentary Jamie: Drag Queen at 16Previously filmed as a live capture from the West End, the show follows Jamie as he fights off bullies—including a teacher and his own father—and realizes his ultimate dream: To be a performer.

Of course, being a live performer now is a bit like being a tollbooth operator, but no doubt Jamie‘s buoyant score and touching mother-son plotline will be a gentle reminder of the not-so-distant past when a career in the performing arts wasn’t out of the realm of reason.

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