‘Slag Wars’ Releases a Trailer, Offers Little Insight Into What the Hell This New Reality Series Is About

What exactly makes someone a "cock destroyer"? We're still not entirely sure.

We have, if not clarity, at least further information on Men.com’s upcoming SFW series Slag Wars: The Next Destroyer (they keep underscoring that this is their VERY FIRST SFW series, which is starting to seem a bit like a tragic bid for mainstream acceptance but it’s 2020! The word of the year is pivot!)

Hosted by self-proclaimed cock destroyers Sophie Anderson and Rebecca More and Only Fans model Matthew Camp, the series is looking for “someone who is sex positive and kind,” “someone who’s hilarious and confident,” and “someone fucking hot.” That does not seem like a tall order for the seven models, influencers, and superfans (of what, no one has said) who all think they have the imagination and sex appeal to join The Cock Destroyers’ tribe.

Apart from the self-consciously raunchy atmosphere shown in the newly released trailer (watch below), the series ticks all of the boxes for generic reality competition series. Seven disparate strangers bonding over this one shared experience; a communal feeling of family that arises with the swiftness borne of being trapped together in one location; and plenty of tears. Sure, CMT’s Gone Country didn’t have someone tearfully proclaiming, “This is what it means to be a cock destroyer!” but the sentiment was there nonetheless.

Will you be tuning in November 27? More importantly: Are you a cock destroyer?


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