Taylor Reign Was Not Prepared for How Hot Jack Andy Turned Out to Be—But He Was Appreciative!

Intimidated by his attractiveness, Taylor gamely welcomes the shockingly hot Jack into his home nevertheless and ends up very happy he did.

Even hot guys get catfished!

At least, that’s what happened to Taylor Reign. The hunky stud confesses to daddy detective Adam Russo that he was led to believe that Jack Andy was far less attractive than he is, based on the photos that Jack sent. So when Jack came over, Taylor was equal parts horned up and intimidated. (OK, maybe hot guys get catfished in different ways.)

Jack is highly experienced and attentive, though, and he knew just how to open Taylor up in the shower with a warm tongue and a monster dildo.

As they moved to the bedroom, Taylor’s anxiety subsided while Jack used leather restraints to get Taylor in position, ultimately filling the boy’s smooth-as-silk asshole with his perfectly furry cock.


It’s very clear that both parties were beyond pleased by this sweat-soaked, bondage-style fuck fest; you can see the satisfaction dripping all over Taylor’s face.


Tony Bullock
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Tony Bullock is equal parts jock bottom, porn fan, and porn professional. In and out of the industry for the last 15 years, Tony is back for good after discovering the pervy minds at Carnal Media and their new titles, from Gaycest to Boy for Sale. He only uses Vaseline for lube.
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