Teammates Denis and Andrey Finally Get the Chance to Fool Around When Denis’ Parents Go Out of Town

These two track stars go for the gold on the couch.

Fucking the new guy on the team is just showing good manners! And Denis Skala has known he needs to fuck newbie Andrey Zolin for a week. Luckily, Denis’s parents were out of town for the weekend, so he invited Andrey back to his place where as soon as they touched the couch, it was on.

Andrey and Denis kiss a little while groping each other until Denis drops down and pulls Andrey’s hard cock out to suck, but soon it’s Andrey’s turn to get Denis hard so he can stick that dick up his ass.

And when it does get nice and plump, that’s just what happens. They fuck all over the couch as they slowly strip off their tracksuits.

Andrey finds himself cumming all over his belly while getting plowed by Denis, who then shoots his load on Andrey and feeds him a bit of it.


Tony Bullock
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Tony Bullock is equal parts jock bottom, porn fan, and porn professional. In and out of the industry for the last 15 years, Tony is back for good after discovering the pervy minds at Carnal Media and their new titles, from Gaycest to Boy for Sale. He only uses Vaseline for lube.
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