The Battle Between Brain and Dick Set Off by New Peter Fever Release

Do I respond to the terrible production values intellectually? Or do I respond to the hot guys and steamy bareback fucking on a more visceral level?

I spent a lot of time in my early 20s tracking down famously terrible movies. This was before the days of YouTube or streaming services, so I was routinely spending money on things like The Apple and Linda Blair in Roller Boogie. Watching the trailer for this new Peter Fever (East) release, I had the same thrill of delighted discovery that I had then. Surely, no one would release something so mediocre into the world! There must be more than prayer involved here, right?

But oh, what a waste of prime man meat. Why did anyone feel the need to claim that Yowei is a new substitute teacher, when he looks like a high schooler’s younger brother? Why does the sound design emphasize every off-camera squeak and creak, which only enhances how utterly silent the two performers are?

At least once the sex gets started these are two hot, horny, muscular professionals who know exactly what to do. Watch the trailer through your fingers, but check out some steamy photos below.

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