Tired of Stroking Alone, John Duff Is Ready to ‘Give a Fuck’

Duff sings about being DTF while sporting purple silk pajamas, suds, and an impressive six-pack during quarantine.

Poor John Duff. Just a few months after he let men know they’d better eat ass if they wanted to play around, he’s been quarantining alone in a massive house with a pool, jewels, and haute cuisine. Sounds pretty sweet, but a tell-tale pile of used Kleenex belies his fabulous life. He’s tired of jerking off alone and he’s ready to give all his fucks to a man.

At least, that’s his story in the new music video for single “Give a Fuck.”

Until you get that man to throw all your fucks too, John, we have some suggestions for how to keep using up those tissues

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