Writer Wanted for Carnal Media Releases

Carnal Media, the adult company behind FunSizeBoys, TwinkTop, Gaycest, BoyForSale, GrowlBoys, and more, is looking for a writer to join our team!

This paid position would likely entail some of your favorite things: thinking about porn, writing about porn, and watching porn! Carnal Media needs a writer who can create smokin’ hot write-ups for our newsletters, sites, and tube sites; help brainstorm new ideas for videos; and more. In addition, there would be opportunities to contribute to The Gay Goods, where it’s all about freedom, culture, politics—and dick.

If interested, check out a TwinkTop video, a Gaycest video, and a FunSizeBoys video and send over 350-500 word recaps for each to writers@carnalmedia.com. All legal identities will be protected

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When he was a little boy, Mark's mother set the house on fire. (She was like that.) He'll never forget the look on his father's face as he gathered him up in his arms and raced through the burning building onto the pavement below. And he stood there, shivering in his pajamas, and watched the whole world go up in flames. And when it was all over, he said to himself, "Is that all there is to a fire?"
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