Porn Star Zario Travezz Is Not Here for Your Dirty Talk

The recent GayVN Award nominee joins The Gay Goodies to talk about bottoming, his lust for 50 Cent, and more.

“That’s doing the most,” Zario Travezz says bluntly when asked if he likes dirty talk during sex. “That’s really extra. All I need a top to do is give me instruction. If he’s about to go deep, just whisper in my ear, ‘Breathe.’ That’s all I need!”

Travezz knows exactly what he needs, on and off camera. The popular performer drops by The Gay Goodies with host Mark Peikert to talk about his return to gay porn after a relationship ended, and the work he’s putting in to repopulate all of his fan platform pages. That’s in between filming for studios like Noir Male and Falcon, for whom he appears in new porn-documentary Born to Porn.

And he knows exactly what he’s doing, too, from his using his “snapback” hole to moving from spooning straight into riding dick, a move he gleefully demonstrates during the interview. Watch the full conversation in the video below, and be sure to comment and like it!

What are you favorite Zario releases? And who do you want to see on The Gay Goodies next?

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